Orange implements first ever FIDS

Intersystems rapidsuite has been successfully deployed to the newly renovated Orange Airport (OAG) in Orange, Australia driving both their Flight Information Display System (FIDS) and their integrated digital advertising.

Image - OAG FIDS page.
Kel Gardiner of Orange City Council said, “as part of the new terminal project Council wanted to improve the passenger experience by offering a comprehensive FIDS system both in the terminal and with data feeds to our website and we’ve achieved this through Intersystems unique cloud-based delivery model."
Richard Allen, Intersystems Services Manager for Asia Pacific commented, “we’ve deployed rapidsuitecloud to reduce costs and keep things as simple as we can for the airport.”

“By utilising the cloud, the airport has minimal onsite hardware – what is required is preconfigured and shipped to site.”

Intersystems rapidsuitecloud solution has been specifically designed for deployment at regional airports where upfront system costs, long-term management and ongoing support can all be challenging barriers to entry – rapidsuitecloud significantly reduces or removes all of these barriers and more.

Intersystems powerful rapidsuite6 is driving Orange Airport’s rapidfids Flight Information Display System, delivering real-time flight information to passengers, something that has not been done at the airport previously.

In addition, rapidengage, a dedicated Content Management System, delivers an integrated digital advertising experience on the FIDS displays transforming the standard flight information displays into an innovative digital communication experience.

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