Looking forward

Intersystems newest customer site, Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN) has utilised our innovative, rapidsuitecloud to deliver the smallest Flight Information Display System (FIDS) possible with a single screen.

UX and rapidsuite6 Image - UX is a crucial first step in the redevelopment of rapidsuite6 apps.

As a company, we've seen trends come and go over our 46 year history and the past 12 months have been no different. In short, the past 12 months have been about cloud, mobility and passenger experience.

At the end of last year we noted that it was the 'year of cloud' for Intersystems and the beginning of 2016 has been no different. We've increased from one cloud site to four and have seen a marked rise in the number of tenders coming to the market with cloud specified as the preferred deployment mechanism.

Mobility and end user experience (UX) are concepts we've seen uptake of over the past 12 months too with airports and airlines around the world increasingly interested in more than just system functionality - they've taken interest in what the user experience is going to be for their staff and how that impacts their organisations. At Intersystems - we've spent the better part of the past 12 months researching and testing UI frameworks as part of our rapidsuite6 user interface overhaul and are happy to say that our first major Windows app redevelopment is well underway with our new user interface to be released soon.

The final trend we've seen take root is a system wide focus on 'passenger experience' - something we've specifically focused on for the past seven years. It has come to the forefront of the aviation industry as a 'buzz' concept and could be heard at conferences around the world as technology providers and airports collectively realised that enhancing the passenger's experience leads to tangible outcomes for airports. This is a win/win for both passengers and airports alike.

We'd also like to reflect in on a more specific milestone within the Intersystems Group. On the 23rd of last month, we marked our 3rd year in operation as a wholly owned foreign enterprise in China. When we launched this venture in 2013, we noted that we were set for growth in this expanding region and since then we've done just that - growing 100% in the past three, short years.

It goes without saying, that without our customers and their ongoing commitment none of this would be possible - as such, we thank you. You lead the industry by choosing quality products, outstanding customer service and innovative solutions.

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